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Puffco Peak Sunset Edition

Puffco Peak Sunset Edition

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They just keep ‘em coming. Puffco drops the all-new Puffco Peak Sunset Lightning that takes heavy inspiration on Puffco’s ventures into the desert as they venture into the unknown with their closest friends.  

The idea behind the inspiration may be ignited and kindled by the famous burning man festival. The event takes place in the deserts where participants explore various forms of artistic expression of themselves. This is why the said even has been regarded as the meeting place of the artistic elite. This makes a fitting backdrop for what could be one of the most creative and most imaginative iterations of the Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig to date. The Puffco Peak Sunset Lightning clearly shows its eloquence and sophistication over the other previous versions of the Puffco Peak. The Puffco Peak Sunset Lightning is the embodiment of our relationship with nature and with the different forms of life in it. It’s a trip back to our roots and a journey towards understanding our inner selves.  

While the Puffco Peak Sunset Lightning boasts a visually stunning exterior, it’s built not to disappoint with the technology it holds under the hood.  

You’ll find the very same unique user settings that are carefully calibrated to give you result-specific heating profiles. You’ll easily get to where you need to be by just simply selecting tailor-fit heating profiles that will extract and enhance the potency and flavor of your concentrates based on the results you want to achieve. It also is outfitted with Puffco’s intelligent temperature calibration feature which automatically adjusts the temperature of the Puffco Peak Sunset Lightning’s bowl to ensure that it does not overheat nor does it go cold. The device itself also has haptic feedback and LED light band which helps in letting you know the desired action has been achieved.  

The Puffco Peak Sunset Lightning is arguably the best we’ve ever seen, make sure to grab yours now! 


The limited-edition sunset theme was heavily influenced by the time spent by Puffco employees in the desert as they explore and venture into the unknown with some of their closest friends.  

This led to the hombre colorway that also serves as the perfect choice for a sunset themed portable dab rig. Puffco designers and engineers loved that the fading colors of the new Puffco Peak Sunset Lightning seemingly takes you back to the deep-rooted relationship we have with nature and how this unites us. This also represents the magic of nature and how we often overlook the things that nature has in store for us. The new design makes for a befitting new look for the Puffco and is a great way to celebrate the end of summer – the time we get to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors. This marks the end of beaches and escapades in deserts where we can spend the rest of the night on promenades and beach fronts. This design and colorway can be seen throughout the silicone base making the perfect pedestal for the all-new Puffco Peak Sunset Lightning. 

The metal band now features a design that resembles the starry skies at night creating a more mystical and magical vibe. The design imitates the starry backdrop that shines with pink and violet hues draped with sparkling stars. Just looking into the design of the metal band while taking a drag from the Puffco Peak Sunset Lightning facilitates a psychoactive mood taking you to higher highs and bring you to the darker depths of what your select waxy concentrates have in store for you.  

Even the inner-cone of the Puffco Peak Sunset Lightning matches the whole aesthetic theme of the device. Different Puffco Peak rigs sport relatively different glassware and the Puffco Peak Sunset Lightning is so far the only iteration that sports a glass piece of a darker hue. The carb cap of the Sunset Peak is also of a darker color to match the feel of the new Puffco Peak.  

So, if you’re asking if the Puffco Peak Sunset Lightning has it all covered in the aesthetic department, then, the answer’s a big